Learning from Failure


What was your reaction when you read that word? 

Don’t judge your reaction. Just notice it. Was it negative or positive? Did frustrating or empowering memories flood your mind? 

For many, failure can be downright scary. It doesn’t always feel good in the moment. Failure can hurt. That’s human. 

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s safe to make mistakes. We might feel pressure to be perfect. But, when we’re learning or trying something new, struggle is inevitable. That’s how we grow. And, yes, sometimes we might fail, but it’s what we do with failure that matters. 

Starting or growing a business is inherently risky. And, that’s the fun. If, of course, you can learn to see opportunity in failure. And, learn to deal with failure in healthy and positive ways. Instead of sweeping failure under the rug, try confronting it in the light.

Interested in learning how? Here’s an episode from one of my favorite podcasts, “Lead to Win,” that deals with that very subject. The episode is called “How to Fail Better.” This quote from one of the co-hosts sums up the episode perfectly: “[your] business depends on [your] courage.” 

How to Fail Better from Lead to Win

Side note: if you’re a busy leader or entrepreneur, “Lead To Win” is an excellent podcast. It’s a great resource for strategy tips, productivity hacks, and perspective, with new episodes every week. Listen and enjoy.

Failure doesn’t have to be the soul-crushing, career-ending, depression-inducing nightmare that your inner-critic wants it to be. Take control of failure and learn to use it to your advantage.

What has failure taught you? Let me know in the comments.

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